Six Eyes and All Useless

I must be getting older. My eyes are becomming as useful as my ears when it comes to seeing stuff. Last year I went for the dreaded vari-focals. These are great as glasses which I can wear for day to day stuff, but they are pretty useless when sitting staring at a computer screen. The only bit that is in focus is the tiny area at the bottom of the lens, which means that I appear to be staring at the wall as I try vainly to make out what is on the screen in front of me.

I've been reduced to using my original old close up glasses at work, which have frames like the ones that Harry Potter wore in the first film. It is fun to watch people recoil when they enter my office and I turn round to face them..... Of course I can't actually see them do this, because everything more than three feet away from me is a meaningless blur when I've got the glasses on, but I'm pretty sure that is what they are doing from the sounds that they make.