Fate will get you in the end

Dentist today. All geared up for horrible mouth mechanics. In the end I got away scott free. Even though the dread term "..for your age" (as in "You've got quite good teeth..for your age") appeared in the conversation.

I was pondering on how lightly I'd got off, and how having my teeth cleaned with an angle grinder (I think that is what she used) was the worst thing that would happen to me today, when on the way to the house I dropped my mobile phone. Now, the thing was in a case, and it is a good case, but there is now a teeny tiny scratch which only I can see on the very corner of the phone.

Being the obsessive person that I am this is bothering me no end. The device looks fine, you have to really look for the mark (and I mean really). But it still bugs me. I've not had the thing for a week yet, and already I've made it more broken than the last three phones that I've had.

I think I probably need some beer therapy or something to get me into a more sensible and balanced frame of mind.