Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings

Bad things that happened today: At the celebration meal at TGIF on the way back from the competition I dropped a piece of some chilli stuff off my fork in my bag onto the tablet PC.

Good things that happened today: Everything else. And I mean everything else. We won big. We won the lot. I think I've just slid into an alternative reality where I'm writing the script for a while (but even I wouldn't have dared write down what has happened today). The various Hull teams took over the competition like a really tough bunch of highly trained competition ninjas. Which they sort of were. We ended up with first, second and third place. Amazing. The rest of the world must even as I write this be planning their revenge. Let them try. We can take it. After today we can take anything.

After we had cleaned out Microsoft we went out for our meal where the one bad thing of the day happened. After that it was the smoothest bus ride we have ever had from Reading to Hull. No hold ups, in bed before midnight.

I'm incredibly proud of the students in all the teams. I'm proud of my colleagues who came along to provide mentoring support. Very well done people. I'm fairly sure that real life will be kicking back in soon. If you want to find out more, and see some pictures, take a look here.