Shopping for Bargains and Shutting off the Power

Went up town with number one son today. Which was nice. Although I always seem to spend more when he is around. I'm not quite sure why this is, he protests quite strongly when I start to buy something, and definitely sees himself as the voice of reason in this respect.

But I still end up getting stuff. In this case I bought the game Lumines for the PSP. It is rather impressive in a "tetris on acid" kind of way. It never ceases to surprise me how games manufacturers can come up with different takes on falling blocks that need to be jiggled in some way.

I also found out something about the PSP (and also my stupidity I guess). You can just turn it off. In the middle of a game. Previously I've been carefully exiting my games and then shutting down the power. You know, like you do with the PC. However, just to see what happens I turned the PSP off in the middle of a game. And when I turned it back on again the game was still there. Amazing. I suppose that this is all in the thick little book which came with the device (being a thick big person I never read that of course).