I hate Microsoft

I had all the slides ready for my talk at TechEd 2006 in Barcelona. I'd even scheduled a presentation today so that I could preview the material to the students on our MSc course. Everything was ready. What could go wrong?

Well, what went wrong was that the Microsoft XNA team were too darned efficient for me, and released the second beta of the XNA Express yesterday. What's worse, they've fixed a bunch of issues that were irritating me and also made the Content Manager bit work so well that I just can't ignore it in the talk. I hate them all.

Because I have no intention of standing up next week and saying a whole bunch of stuff which is out of date or plain wrong it has meant that I've had to spend a big chunk of last night and this morning updating the slides and the sample code.

The good news is that the talk seemed to go OK (although I'm going to tighten it up just a bit) and that the sample game, "Hot Salad Death with Cheese" went down quite well.

Next stop Spain.