Wii Week

"Batter Up" with Peter and Darren

Well, we have started our Wii Week. The machine arrived from Nintendo on Saturday, and we have set it up on in our open area for the week. The climax is on Friday, when we have some schools coming over for a look and we are going to have three or four systems running in the department.

I had a very quick go with Tennis, Baseball and Bowling. All I can say is "The system works". It works wonderfully well. It works "want one" well. The feeling of control that you get with the small gamepads is very good and surprisingly subtle.

The Wii is going to massively change gaming by adding a new level of fun (and probably fitness) as well. The games we played are all free with the console. And they are smashing.

There is no way that I can see the Wii being anything other than a hit with this kind of stuff available at the start. Wonderful.

If you are in the department, we are running the Wii from 12:00 to 1:45 pm each lunchtime. Feel free to drop round and have a go.