.NET Micro Framework Book

I'm writing a book. I'm very excited about this. The schedule is deeply scary, in that we hope to have the bulk of it completed by the end of January next year, but then again if you don't set a deadline you don't know when you are late. Anyhoo, myself and Donald Thompson of Microsoft are writing a programmers guide to the new .NET Micro Framework.

This is a new embedded platform which Microsoft have been working on for ages (it is what powers the Microsoft SPOT watches). For me it is a terribly interesting because it means you can write code in a high level, managed, environment using C# and then run it on a device the size of a postage stamp which costs pennies to make.

I am anticipating that it will do amazing things to the world of embedded development, as it makes it much easier to write code and put it into any kind of tiny system.

I've had a .NET Micro Framework microsite on my pages for some time. We've just set up a site for the book and we will be posting sample chapters and the contents for comments soon.