Way To Park

Our session has started, so the campus is full of people again. I really like this. Although the peace and quiet of summer is rather nice, I don't really think that things are right unless we have students around the place.  The semester starts with a "Fresher's Week" with all kinds of fairs and events. There is a marquee set up outside the union where various organisations are touting their wares. I was walking back to the office when I noticed a brand new, shiny, Porsche Boxster parked right across the footpath in the way of everybody.

In the windscreen was a handwritten note "Driver on the Barclays Bank stand" (or it might have been Lloyds-TSB - I can't tell banks apart any more).

I'm not sure if this is impressive or not. Random thoughts sprang to mind:

  • I work for a bank and drive a Porsche so I can park where I like
  • I must be a good banker because I have a posh car
  • Bank with us and you can have a car like mine
  • Bank with us and you can help pay for my car

Very confusing.