Fresher's Party

As part of the fresher's week we always have a party to allow the staff and students to get together. This year we are doing things slightly differently from last time, in that we are taking over a bar, dishing out beer tokens, having a quiz and then playing silly video games.

These are the beer tokens being prepared (took ages - won't do it this way again)

The crush at the bar once the tokens went into action

The quiz winners clutching their prize (sorry it is a bit paltry - I spent all the prize money on beer tokens)

I think it is fair to say that a rattling good time was had by all. We had Donky Konga on the GameCube (my bongos got a real hammering), Dead or Alive on the XBOX 360 and dueling Guitar Hero on the PS2. Plus a bunch of folks with their DS machines fighting it out .

Dr. Peter Robinson (right) showing how to lay down some classic riffs in the Guitar Hero duel (not that anyone seems that impressed....)