Good Evening Mr Bond

Went to see the new James Bond movie tonight. A bit late, but we've only just got around to it. Well worth the trip though. Perhaps the best Bond movie that I've ever seen (and I've seen most of them - apart from a couple of the well dodgy Roger Moore ones). The action starts at frantic and then never lets up. The plot is good too, rather than a tale involving far fetched world domination with expendable chaps in coloured boiler suits on enormous sets we have just some very nasty people with cash flow problems.

The film manages to get the feel of how Bond should be and seems truer to the books than anything else, even matching the plot of the original Casino Royale story pretty closely. One thing to note though, Bond doesn't do much for local property values. Early in the film he causes a substantial amount of collateral damage on a building site and towards the end there is some serious mayhem aboard (and I do mean aboard) a block of flats in Venice.

If you want to see why the new Bond has been so highly praised you should go and see the film. If you want to see a high quality action film, with good production values and a twisty, gnarly, plot, you should go and see the film.