Vista is a Scroll Wheel

I've had Vista running for a couple of weeks now. I'll not deny that I've had problems, but I reckon that most of these are down to the fact I'm using pre-release drivers for my particular hardware. Hopefully by the time Vista is turned loose on the world these will have been fixed.

Anyhoo, I like it. It is a bit like the scroll wheel on the mouse. I remember the first time that I got a mouse with a scroll wheel. At first I couldn't see much point, but as I used more applications which supported it I got to use it more and more. Some time back I used some very old programs which did not support it and I found them very hard to get to grips with.

Vista is like that. Its usefulness kind of creeps up on you. I like the 3D effects. I like the way that I'm finding it easier to move between folders, see what files I've selected and navigate around running programs. When I use an XP machine it feels clunky and less elegant and I'm now glad to get back to Vista.

I've stressed it really hard, with loads of simultaneous applications doing lots of different things and it just seems to come back for more. Drivers not withstanding, this is one solid operating system.

And, like the scroll wheel, I reckon it is going to be the way that we use computers for some time to come.