Lousy Software

I hate bad software. It gives us all a bad name. I particularly dislike it when the program makes a job that could be simple a lot more difficult, whilst at the same time trying to seem friendly.

Yesterday I got a couple of photo album and paper things from HP. The idea was that I would print out some pictures and make some nice personalised gifts. I was further encouraged in this when I found that the package came with some HP Photosmart software that would arrange the pictures for me and put them into some nice looking templates.

That was the plan. I had this simple minded idea that I would pick pages from a template, drop pictures into them from my hard disk and then print out what I wanted.

Not so. First off the program insisted in cataloguing all my pictures. And I have rather a lot so that took a while. In fact, it got so slow that in the end I made up some directories holding a subset of my photos and turned it lose on that. Next it forced me to select from a slow moving and hard to use menu which pictures I wanted in my album. It then stuffed these into the album pages in no particular order, forcing me to move them all into the right place. I had no way of choosing the order of the pages, or deleting excess ones. But of course it saved the best bit until last.

Just as I was finishing off my design I noticed a "settings" option in the top right hand corner. Thinking that this might let me re-arrange pages or delete them I clicked it. It had some fairly useless options that were no good for what I wanted, so I tried to get back to my design. Which had vanished. All my work had gone away, without so much as a warning. Wah.

Sometimes there is great satisfaction to be had watching the uninstaller do it's business.