Fun with FreeSat

Every now and then I do something silly-ish. Just to remind myself that if I was constantly sensible life would be really boring. Today I bought a FreeSat box so I could ignore the European Cup in High Definition (not that keen on telly football to be honest). The internets had told me that it would work with my old Sky dish, which is presently rusting away gently on the side of the house. We did away with Sky last year, when I got a Media PC which does all the bits that Sky+ used to do, without costing me 36 quid a month.

Anyhoo, FreeSat is free, once you have bought the box. So I bought the box and plugged it in. And it doesn't work. I was kind of expecting this. After a particularly loud storm some time back I found some bits of satellite hardware on the ground underneath the dish, but I figured that since Sky+ uses two LNB receivers, and I'd only found one on the floor, I might be able to get away with it.

Note to self:  Every time I find myself thinking "You might be able to get away with this" I must remind myself (perhaps with a slap around the face to make the point properly) that I am Rob, and therefore not destined to get away with anything.

I went next door to borrow a ladder so I could go up and have a look, but then number one wife found out about this and banned me from climbing up there, what with my fear of heights and everything.

So at the moment I have a dish that doesn't work, a FreeSat box that doesn't work, or some wire that doesn't work.  Ho hum.