The FreeSat Plot Thickens

(I'm wondering why you should care about my satellite TV woes. But then again, it's my blog. So there.)

Anyhoo, yesterday left me with nothing working and a pile of broken bits on the floor underneath the dish. Today Dave from next door came round and, hearing of my plight, offered to go up his ladder and take a look for me. On the windiest day of the year. What a guy.

Actually, it wasn't that windy round the side of the house. And we were able to establish that actually the dish hardware looks fine. The bits I found on the ground must have been left by the Sky+ installer ages ago. That or we have a really clever prankster out there (I'm tempted to go round to the place where someone I really don't like lives, and leave a pile of slates on their front lawn in a similar kind of vein - but then again there's nobody out there I really don't like, and I'm very lazy - so it probably won't happen).

I wonder if my shiny new box is broken?