Burnout Paradise Upgrade

There are not many things that improve themselves after you buy them. Spend twenty quid on the latest blockbuster book from Jordan and it is unlikely to improve in content over time. Buy a Girls Aloud CD and, although you might get to tolerate the tracks after a while, it won't suddenly sprout extra songs and arrangements.  But video games seem to be different. I've just spent a little while upgrading the copy of Burnout Paradise I bought a few months back. Now I've got proper day and night and bikes to ride. In short, a great game just got greater. The upgrade is automatic for Xbox and PS3 owners and works a treat.

A lot of video game manufacturers walk away from a game as soon as it is released. Sometimes they don't even hang around long enough to make patches to make the game playable. It is nice to see that Criterion are in it for the long haul.