Last Call for Collectormaina

This might be the last hurrah for our trips to Milton Keynes. We've found out that after today the whole shebang is moving to a football stadium. We've been going for a while, and the mix of celebrities and interesting stands has held our attention up to now and  because there is also a Lego shop (and an Apple store) at the shopping centre where it is held we've seen it as worth the trip.

Anyhoo,  we got up at an early hour and set off. Number one son was meeting us there and wanted to snag one of the Serenity cast.


Morena puts pen to paper..


So, who is this cool gentleman?


..and this chap (a clue, his part is going to get a lot bigger in the future..)

Not sure if we'll do this again, but it has been fun while it lasted. I bought another watch, and then we retired to a Travelodge to watch "Strictly Come Dancing" (although I was more pre-occupied with checking the score in the Hull City match - which we won. Yay!).

London tomorrow.