Windows 7 is a Dog

I mean this as a compliment. I’m finding that I can treat it like a dog and it remains utterly faithful. By this I mean I can close and open my laptop lid, plug and unplug monitors and devices and generally use the machine exactly how I want and it just comes back for more. It has not failed me once.

I’m pretty sure that most of this behaviour is down to the fact that the hardware driver writers have got their collective acts together and Microsoft is being more mean to them to make things work. At least, I hope so. I had some horrid times with Vista at the hands of certain hardware vendors whose idea of making a machine “Vista Capable” was to slap a sticker on the box. But those days seem to be long gone.

I’m also rather liking the way that I can find things more quickly, and that switching between windows, and moving them around on the screen is easier. I’ve not really explored many of the proper new features of the platform, but every now and then I’ll stumble across something that is now suddenly easier, like connecting a monitor for a presentation or opening a document from the program menu.

Roll on the full release I say.