Neil Young

I’ve not been to a rock concert for ages. I’ve never been to one where the headline act is 64 years old. But today I found myself in Nottingham Arena, surrounded by lots of people of a certain age, waiting for Neil Young to come and play his guitar at us.

By gum he was good though. I’ve not been a huge fan of his in the past, but I can see I’ve been missing out.  I knew quite a few of the songs because they are standards, and they were all delivered with a gusto and energy that belied both the age of the performer and the fact that he must have played them many times before. It must be particularly strange for him to sing songs he wrote ages ago about being 24, but he did it all very well.

I took a camera and was a bit worried about taking pictures, but I knew I was OK when the security folk started ducking so that they would not be in my line of sight.




The support act were very good too. I’m afraid I didn’t catch their name though.


Great night out. I enjoyed it so much I even bought a T shirt…