Rubbish Tip Etiquette

Made another trip to the tip today. I’m clearing out the loft so that I can put some different junk up there. I’m also adding some flooring, so that I won’t put my foot through the ceiling again. I now know the fundamental principle of installing loft floor panels:

Do not screw the first panel down tightly because then you can’t get any of the others to fit into it.

It has actually been great fun. Even the trips to the tip have been interesting. I’ve been worried that recently the  kind of people you meet at the tip has been declining. Last time I even saw a car there that was the same age as mine. However, this time things were back to normal. Folks were arriving in brand new Audis and Saab convertibles to drop off their stuff. I was sitting in the queue pondering on the etiquette of the tip. Cars look very similar these days, and I wondered what would happen if you accidently went back to the wrong car and started emptying it by mistake. Would the owner get cross  because you are messing with their rubbish?

I finally came to the conclusion that it is OK to empty somebody else’s car, as long as you don’t put the stuff into yours.