Röyksopp Forever

Every now and then Amazon recommends something I might like. I assume that it does this because it likes me. The recommendations are based on purchases I have made, and since a lot of these were presents through the years and included tapestry design books and DVDs of the film Mama Mia, most of the things it thinks I should get are somewhat wide of the mark. (I’ve noticed that you now have the option to disown some of your dodgier purchases, so that they don’t have any impact on what Amazon thinks you might like – which is a good thing).

Anyhoo, for some time the Amazon algorithm has been recommending I listen to some Röyksopp and so a while back I bought a CD of theirs. I didn’t buy it from Amazon though, I suppose I’ll have to tell them about it….

I like the music though. If you like Air you probably will too (I think this is how Amazon knew to put me on to it). Electronic ambient stuff (although the latest CD, Junior, has a much more electro-pop feel). Good for driving and background music. Some of it sounds like soundtrack music crying out for a film on top, and it has been used quite a lot for albums and films.

Worth a listen.