bing in Quite Good Shock

Google is a verb. It means “to search for on the internet”. Perhaps one day it will also mean “to take over the world”. Perhaps not.

Anyhoo, like everyone else I’ve used Google for all my searching needs since forever. Today I had a go with the Microsoft competitor, bing. I’d heard nice things about it, and so I thought I’d give it a go. And the big surprise is that it is actually quite good. I’m not convinced it is as good as Google for everything, but it is certainly good enough to make make wish I had two search boxes on my browser toolbar, one for Google searching and another for Bing. The two actually complement each other quite nicely.

Bing is good for entertainment and travel, and displays its home page and the search results with a graphical pizzazz that Google lacks. Google is good for stuff a bit more off the beaten track and does maps better. But it is nice to see some proper competition in the search arena.