Bayonetta Review


Hull in the snow

Bayonetta is bonkers. But great fun. I got a copy today and have spent a couple of hours playing it and I’m hooked. You play the role of the last surviving witch doing battles against avenging angels in a quest to  uncover your past . Or something. It is a third person fighting game with amazing special combat moves that defy explanation.

Bayonetta herself comes across as a kind of “Steam Punk Lara Croft on Acid” with a nice line in laconic dialog. You get your special moves by learning particular button combinations (or you go for the Easy mode where it figures out what button to press for you) and they let you do incredible things to your enemies, including lob them into torture chambers that you can conjure up out of thin air.

The action and the story zip along at quite a rate, and to be honest I’ve not got that much of an idea what is going on. However, I’ll keep playing to find out how it ends.