TechEd 2010 Day 1

Windows Phone at TechEd 2010

Where all the cool kids are hanging out. And me.

Number one wife asked me how I was enjoying TechEd. The truth is I love these gigs. It only takes the smell of brand new carpet tiles to get me in the mood for some conference action. Although I seem to have spent most of today in the Speakers Lounge writing stuff.

I got up bright and early and wandered to the station to catch the train from the hotel to the conference centre. The carriage was full of delegates clutching their bags and so I knew I was headed in the right direction. The conference centre is huge. It was big last year, but it seems to have grown a couple of extra wings and a whole new set of routes around. I usually manage to get where I want to go, but I’ve never gone the same way there twice.  I wandered into the Speakers Lounge again and met up with a few familiar faces and then settled down to work. Towards the end of the day I headed down to the conference floor and the busiest part, which seemed to be the bit around the Windows Phone stand. HTC were also there demonstrating their extensive range of phones and they all look very nice.

I’ve been lent an HTC HD7 for the demos in my sessions and I must admit to being pretty smitten with the device. It has a huge screen and shiny buttons, plus a really stylish kick stand that lets you stand it on the desk to watch videos. Great stuff. I’ve seen pretty much all the devices on sale now and I reckon there isn’t a bad one amongst them. Just different kinds of lovely.