Tech Ed 2010 Day 2

Windows Phone Banner

I wonder if they’ll let me take it home…

When is a phone not a phone? When you get it brand new on Friday and forget to enable international roaming before you go to Berlin on Sunday. Although my shiny new phone does work very well on WiFi and since just about nobody knows my new number it is not as if I’m missing out on many calls.

Anyhoo, spent another day writing today, including 25 multiple choice questions for the second year Software Development course.  Such lucky students…..

I also went along for the Tech Check for my sessions tomorrow and Thursday. These are where we plug everything together and see if it works. It all did, which bodes well for the future. The girl who manages one of the rooms said that she was really excited when she found out that one of the speakers was from Hull. Which was very nice, although I did wonder out loud whether she might not think about getting out a bit more. My firsts session is tomorrow at 12:00 in Hall 7.1b, London 2. It is all about Building Windows Phone Games. Should be fun.