Office 2010 Now on MSDN


If you are lucky enough to have an MSDN subscription you can now head over there and download Office 2010 Professional Plus. This gives you Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher,  Access, InfoPath and a bunch of SharePoint goodies as well. There are two versions, for 32 bit and 64 bit installations.

If you want to use the 64 bit one you will have to uninstall all the previous 32 bit versions of Office 2007, including any compatibility tools and viewers, but the installer talks you through this and tells you what to do. It looks like the 64 bit version is well worth the effort, it loads in a trice and seems a bit more snappy than the 32 bit one.

Once the programs get running they look very snazzy too. Outlook found all my previous details and just works a treat. There are some nice improvements that I’m finding as I use the programs. The mini “Start” button has been replaced by a File tab on the menus (which makes sense) and the way you modify styles in Word hasn’t changed (which is just as well, as I only found out how to do that in Word 2007 last week).

For me the big news is the SharePoint integration and the group working options which look very interesting.