Iain’s Unhappy Landing

Iain Good Landing

..how it should have turned out.

I found out today that Iain had a nasty accident when he was skydiving over the weekend.  His main ‘chute failed to deploy properly and he was forced to resort to his reserve. This is a bit smaller than the usual one, and resulted in a heavy landing which broke his ankle (but fortunately nothing else). He is presently stuck in  a hospital bed while being nailed back together.

I owe Iain a huge debt of gratitude. He was the one who persuaded me to do a jump some time back, thus conquering my long held fear of one piece boiler suits and being strapped to other people.  I’m still a bit nervous about jumping out of planes though.

Anyway, get well soon Iain, we miss your witty and erudite comments in the tea room (actually, we used to miss them when you were there too, but that’s another story).