I want an iPad that runs Windows 7

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I’ve been carrying my iPad around now for a while and I really like it. The screen is nice, the programs are OK and the battery life is amazing. It is in the category of one of those things that you don’t have to consciously remember to charge, you know that it will have enough left in the battery most of the time, and when it gets below 15% or so you plug it in. Great stuff.

However, it is not without its drawbacks. This morning I was putting together a report in the iPad using its Pages word processor. All I wanted to do was take text out of a couple of emails and paste them into a document. The kind of thing I can do in a couple of seconds on my desktop. On the iPad this turned out to be a lot more tricky. I could use cut and paste to move the text but I had to keep switching applications, and finger powered cut and paste is no fun.

As I was laboriously stopping one application, starting another and prodding at the document to find the right place to paste it struck me that what I really want is an iPad running Windows 7. That would allow me to have multiple applications open at the same time in windows on the screen and move things between them, just as I would on my desktop. I really hope this comes about.

Just like the original Apple Mac sold people on personal computers the iPad has sold me on pure tablets.  I just want one that is as useful as a PC now.