Nokia with Windows Phone in Berlin

Today we did the first day of our Windows Phone training in Berlin. Of course I took pictures.


Not a bad view when you are having breakfast


What we are here for




They even had branding on the floor…


Jens Dissmann of Nokia Germany gets things started


A great audience, with some really tough questions.

I said I’d put up links to the content. Here we are:

You can get all the content, slide decks and more, from the Jumpstart web site here:

The ones you want are:

01 Mango Building Phone Apps
02 Mango Intro Silverlight
03 Mango Advanced Silverlight
05 Mango FastApp Switching
11 Mango XNA Winphone
12 Mango Selling applications

There are also other decks and samples you might find interesting. If you want to watch videos of Andy and myself delivering this content (and who wouldn’t) then you can find them on Channel 9 here:

You can find the Tidy ToDo application here. To use the WCF server project you have to have IIS installed on your machine and you must start Visual Studio in Administrator mode:!1482