Nokia Windows Phone Training Day 2


Not a bad way to start the day. Cooked to perfection as well.

Final day of training in Berlin today.


This time we were in the slightly more intimate surroundings of the cafe next to the college we were at yesterday. Really nice setup, with fantastic food. The food has been really good everywhere I’ve been on this tour.


They had even branded the conference table upstairs, which was rather sweet.

The German audience stayed tough on us. One of the things that I reckon is that if a course goes well the audience learns a lot. If a course goes really well, the teacher learns a lot too. And that is how it has turned out. Some of the technical questions that we got really had us digging deep to find answers and even writing test programs to show what was going on. And I now have ideas for a whole bunch of blog posts about Windows Phone development that I must write down before I forget.

Then it was straight to the airport to fly home. Busy day tomorrow. Is there any other kind?