Get Your Windows Phones at Hull University

Windows Phone at Hull

Quite a few students at Hull now have Windows Phones, which is nice. They are also writing games for them and Imagine Cup entries. Which is even nicer. If you are a student at Hull and you want a phone to play with I can lend you one for a little while. This offer is only open to people who turn up at my office and show me some neat stuff on the emulator, and I can’t let you keep the phones (shame) because we need them for teaching later in the semester. However, they should be useful to people who are stuck for a way of testing their program on a real device.

Later this month I’m going to run some “Bring Out Your Living” Windows Phone sessions on Wednesday afternoon where anyone can turn up with a XAP file and we can try them on a device and see what happens.

Oh, and if you want to make your Windows Phone work on the exchange server on campus the settings are:


Domain: adir

Server Requires Encrypted (SSL) connection: ticked

Find your way to the advanced settings when the standard ones take you there. Use your university username and password and it should all work fine.