The King’s Speech


The King’s Speech is a great film. Colin. Firth. Must. Get. An. Oscar. Apparently Queen Elizabeth has seen the film and is of the opinion that it is OK. It must have been strange for the queen to see herself portrayed as a child in the film. Especially when she saw that her sister was actually that irritating little girl from “Outnumbered”.

The film tells of a man who was not born to be king but had greatness well and truly thrust upon him, in spite of being stuck with a terrible stammer. His wife finds him an unconventional speech therapist and the resulting collision of cultures is a great thing to watch. This is just a nice, uplifting film with a great cast and visuals that captures the spirit of the times beautifully. I’m not totally convinced that everyone was exactly as they are portrayed in the film, but that is by the by. Go and see it.