Robs Red Nose Day Game Takes Shape

Red Nose Game Screenshot

Now with added Nose Images and High Score

The Red Nose Day game is coming along quite well. For something I started at 2:00am in the morning last week while jetlagged it is actually progressing in a reasonable manner. Some time back I read a very good interview with Jordan Mechner, the man behind “Prince of Persia”.

He said some very sensible things about game development and one point he made really resonated with me today. He said that it was OK to play around with ideas and mess about with your game until you find out what it is really about. Once you have got your central game theme sorted you must then build on that like crazy. And you must defend your idea against all.

Up until today I’d got some bits and pieces moving around the screen and some text drawing and screen swapping code, but I didn’t really know what the game was about. But now I do. I’m not saying it is going to be awesome. But it is going to be quite fun.

I’m hoping to finish all the bits and pieces, add some music and get the game into Windows Phone Marketplace by the end of the week so that everyone can get a copy and play with it on their Windows Phone, and donate lots of cash to Comic Relief.