Kinect and Midi at Platform Expo

Kinect and MIDI at Platform Expo

Laurie Welton of Home Sweet Home checking out the Kinect interface.

Spent an hour or so down at the KC Stadium today marking out our territory for the Platform Expo that is happening in just over a fortnight. I’ve taken a Kinect driver from Code Laboratories and some sample MIDI code and we are going to make something that lets you control the music playback and video show using your body as the controller.  I’m working with Tom Watkins and Laurie Welton of Home Sweet Home who fancied having a play with this stuff.

Great fun. We’re linking the MIDI signals to Ableton Live audio and Resolume video systems. I’ve not played with MIDI for ages, it seems to have come on a bit…

Anyhoo, I’m doing something which might be interesting, where we are using video images to perform the MIDI mapping . This should make it really easy to design “human user interfaces” for use during different performances.

Kinect and MIDI Setup at Platform Expo

This is the first version of the program that we tested, and it even mostly worked.  If you want to see it in action, come on down to the Expo at the KC Stadium on 28th of March. That’s the same day as the final of our Three Thing Game contest, which will also be taking place during the expo. Almost as if we’d planned it that way. We’ll have lots of Nintendo 3Ds machines around and there are talks and demonstrations of 3D in entertainment and games, I’m doing a Kinect workshop. There are lots of other platforms and sessions and demos and really good stuff. And there will be lasers.