Windows Phone Foamies for Everyone


The parcel I thought was books turned out not to be. Instead it was packed full of Windows Phone Foamies that Stephanie had sent over for my Red Nose Day Lecture in Rhyme next week.

All this after a dangerous and expensive trip to Sheffield to pick up the parcel. Dangerous because I undertook some dodgy satnav-inspired lane changes and expensive because we stopped off at Meadowhall on the way back.

Anyhoo, I think I can say with confidence that if you come along on Friday there is a very good chance that you will get a foamie. As long as you put some cash in the bucket. I’ve also found out that I’m getting some real, non-foam, Windows Phones from a Very Generous Microsoft to give out. One will be given to a random person chosen from my list of donors on:

Give me some cash and you could be on track to get a phone of your own. (you see, I’m getting into the rhyming spirit already). Now, if only I could find something that rhymes with “Silverlight”.