Fun at Microsoft Days

Sofia Badge

Got my conference badge this morning, along with a very fancy pin which marks me out as a speaker at the conference. I got in and got set up and then went and watched one of the keynote sessions. The first part was in Bulgarian, which was pretty much lost on me I’m afraid, but the main talk was by Mingfei Yan, who talked about the cloud and how it is going to change everything. I reckon all of our students should see this, lots of food for thought about the way that computing is going.

Mingfei Car Juggling

At one point she showed some augmented reality, where a 3D car model was streamed down onto a marker on a piece of paper. Great fun.

Then it was time for my Micro Framework session.

Micro Framework Audience

Everything worked and I had a great audience. This is some of them as the room filled up. Some great questions and a round of applause at the end. Although it was probably for the robot.

I’ve put all the resources for the talk here.

On now to experts lounge and then the Windows Phone talk.