Windows Phone at MS Days

Windows Phone Audience

Did my second session of the day on Windows Phone. This is some of the audience before the start. Thanks for being another great audience folks.  Everything worked, in some cases eventually. My “party piece du-jour” was to start the program on the device rather than the emulator. I did it pretty much every time, in the end the people watching were spotting it before I did.

I got a question about Windows Phone Marketplace during the talk and I said I’d follow up on these pages. As I understand it this is as much a legal as a technical issue, in terms of how the law works in Bulgaria. At the moment you have to go through another publisher I’m afraid, which means people like or

You can find all the content from the lecture, including slides and demos, here.

After I’d finished I had a wander round and took some pictures of the conference.

Speakers Room

Who knows what goes on behind these doors….


Nice Banner

Windows Phone Banner

Windows Phone, Bulgarian style

Movie Showings

The conference is being held in a huge cinema multiplex. If you hurry you might make one of the 10:00 showings..


Nice Lights