Mix 11 Windows Phone Booth Session

I asked the audience to sit down and look at me as if I’d just said something amazing. They did a great job. Such good sports. I wasn’t intending to produce a panoramic shot, but the stitching seems to have worked quite well. The guy with the accordion is one of the few people out there who has actually bought a copy of Cheese Lander. Make of that what you will.

In the afternoon I got to do my phone session again, as stand-up. Went very well, I was determined to get someone on every seat watching me and by the end I kind of had.

For those of you who made it through to the end, especially the VB developer who went away with a copy of my book, thanks for being there, I’d have felt really silly if I’d just been presenting in front of nobody.

Next stop, Ask the Experts, starring me as an expert. How could that go wrong…..