Mix 11 XNA Madness

Room Left

This is the left hand side of the room. The right hand side were just as good looking. You can find that picture on Flickr, just click through to get there.

Just done my Mix 11 session. Great fun. Needed nerves of steel (or at least corrugated cardboard) when the video projector shut down just at the start. Fortunately the audience was super terrific. And most of them like cheese. Some great questions at the end.

You can find the slides for my session here.

I’ve made a brand new demos site with all the session demos for today, plus loads of other Windows Phone good stuff. You can find it all here:


I’ll keep this up to date with any new stuff I write, and move some other things in there that are presently hard to find.

If you want to see me go through any of the other demos, catch me at the Windows Phone Booth today at 2:00.