Dev Days Keynote and Ambition


Also available for parties and discos…

Some time back I was asked the very perceptive question “What are your ambitions?” This is not a question that I get asked very often, and it gave me pause to think a bit about life. Eventually I  said “One day I’d like to take part in a keynote presentation at a technical conference”.  The keynote is the big session right at the start where everyone attending the conference turns up to hear some talks that set the scene for what follows.

Today I got to do that. I was on the same billing as Scott Hanselman, Wade Wegner and Ben Riga. I was talking about the joys of Windows Phone game development.


Everyone had their own laptop, mine is the Dell nearest (and they kept making fun of it because the video output was a bit dodgy).


Brandon Foy’s video looks great, even from the back of the screen. Remember that you can see it here:

The presentations were all great, although I must admit I wasn’t concentrating that much – what with being the last man in.  My bit seemed to go OK, which was nice.

I now have to move on to my next ambition, which is to buy Bill Gates a drink. I’d just love to be standing at the bar with Bill, see him reach towards his pocket to pay for the glasses of Coke and say “No worries Bill, I’ve got this” and the produce my wallet….