Recalcitrant Robots

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Both sides of the room, click through to larger versions on Flickr.

I did my most “challenging” presentation this afternoon. Robots, hardware and the .NET Micro Framework.  Lots of things to go wrong, and most of them tried to. However, having carried my robot, a controller and a radio watch all the way around Europe I was going to do my level best to make sure that they worked at the end.

And work they did. In the end I had two debugging sessions running at the same time, one in the controller and the other in the robot. It was nice when the command went out of the controller and the robot program hit a breakpoint to indicate that the message had been received. Everyone was watching patiently to see the robot jump off the desk and shatter on the floor. Fortunately this didn’t actually happen, but the programs did all work.

Thanks for being a patient audience folks and remember, you are all embedded developers now.