Hello from Redmond

Hotel View

Well, here we are. Another plane trip, another hotel room, more getting up at 1:00am feeling somewhat rested and refreshed and knowing you are actually neither of those things. I’m here to do the Windows Phone Mango Jump Start, which begins on Tuesday. Andy and I will be streaming 7 hours a day of Windows Phone content, from getting started all the way to using the shiny new Mango features like Fast Application Switching. Sign up now if you like, it’s free. The timings mean that it will be streamed rather late in the day for UK viewers, so I can see it being used as the basis of a rather good drinking game. I’ll leave you to invent your own rules.

Anyhoo, I’m wandering round the hotel room with a camera, as you do, and taking happy snaps.


How many pillows does one man need? This room has a catalogue, I could actually buy this exact same set and carry them all back to Hull. But then again, not.

Not been to Redmond Town Center before (I have to spell it that way because I’m in America).

Nice Sky

I do like a place that has a nice sky.

Aptly Named

Aptly named place.