Jumpstart Prep Day


Frank and Jeff solving problems.

Today was the in-studio pre for the Jumpstart tomorrow. This is when we set everything up and then try to see if it all works. It is kind of important that we are comfortable here because, as Jeff says “Your guys are going to be spending around 16 hours in those chairs…”. 

Thoughtful Andy

Andy looking thoughtful

Meal View

For tea we went to a place with a really good view, although by the time I got around to taking a picture the cloud had come in a bit.

Anyhoo, everything is pretty much good to go. We’ve even written the review questions and persuaded Stephanie to get us a private jet as the big prize. (some winners will have to make do with Windows Phones instead…)There’s still time to sign up if you head on over to Windows Phone Mango Jump Start. All fun, and all free.