Jumpstart Day Winners


Jeff takes aim

Did the first day of Jumpstart today. We had a bunch of winners, and we need some of them to get in touch so that if they win the phone (or the “private jet”) we can send it through. Here are the names of the folks that I copied down during the session. If you are on the list and there is a * next to your name, send me a mail at iwon@robmiles.com and we’ll sort you out.

  • TEESofteare*
  • Alexander Sherchenko*
  • Christopher Cosgrove*
  • Gabriella*
  • Michael Wells*
  • Jaron
  • Rajiv Dasari
  • JenP
  • Kevin Challcott
  • Nico*
  • Kevin Robinson*
  • Milan Mihajlovic
  • Margot Myller*
  • Kyle Hiebert*
  • Bojan Misic
  • Ray Montungi
  • Lindsay Lindstrom
  • Mohamed Yamana
  • William
  • Sammy
  • Jim Baines*
  • Julienne Harrington

We had a great time, some wonderful interaction and super questions. More tomorrow, including the XNA stuff. You can still sign up for the next day at http://bit.ly/Mango-Jump