Three Thing Game October 2012


I took this picture at the last Three Thing Game during Platform Expo, when we had Imperial  Stormtroopers wandering around the campus, and even going shopping with the kids.

Anyhoo, the time for Three Thing Game is nigh again. We’ll be dishing out the things and getting people writing games in the week from 22nd to 28th of October. Teams of up to 4 students from Hull can sign up and take part. We’ll be having our “Thing Auction” on Monday, where teams can bid for “things” to base their games on. There might even be a special prize for the team with the “Most Valuable Thing”.

Once the things have been awarded, then the development starts. We’ll be running a Rather Useful Seminar on XNA game development in C# for those who are just getting started, and then on Saturday and Sunday, during the 24 hour “crunch development”  we’ll have experts from the MonoGame team showing us how to get our XNA games ported onto Windows 8 and maybe even into Windows Store.

The judging will be on Sunday 28th, when you get to see what everyone else has managed to produce. There will be prizes and, of course, great honour for the winners... Find out how to sign up and learn more about the competition at