Raspberry Pi Tabletop Development

Spent a most excellent afternoon round at Peter’s working on the Raspberry Pi arcade table. I’ve found a cheap coffee table from Argos that should be able to house the monitor and the electronics. Today we were making a hole for the monitor and the joystick buttons.


Peter makes the first cut. Note use of a spacer piece of wood to make sure it isn't the deepest...


Fitting the monitor in place. Note the little tape tags at the top and bottom. We added those after we discovered that once we'd put the monitor in place we couldn't get it out again without a lot of faffing about.


This is the first plan of the joystick and button arrangement. Current idea is to be able to use it from either the side or the ends of the table.  If it doesn’t work, well, I’ve got a spare table….


Buttons in place. Note strange ritualistic markings above the buttons that are either where the joystick is going, or something much more sinister….


The unfinished finished product.