Turning Yellow


It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a black Lumia 920 will instantly want a yellow one. Or at least, it is true in my case.

I’ve had my black Lumia 920 for four days. And I love it. Works a treat, screen is lovely. Apps are great.  It only has one problem. It is not yellow. Today the phone shop called me up and uttered the fateful words “We’ve got a yellow Lumia in stock for you…”. Just the one. For me. So I went up town and bought it. It would have been churlish not to.

The black one is heading for ebay. I feel terrible about this (as well as a bit poorer), but I reason that I needed a production phone this weekend to test my Top-Secret Windows Phone application which is even now heading for certification. And the Lumia is super, shiny, yellowy lovely. It is a very similar colour to a car I once had. The car didn’t start off yellow, I made it so, using a cheap spray gun and some “Daytona Yellow” paint. I also managed to make all my tools, the tyres, some of the windows, and my dad’s garage yellow as well, so I think you can see that getting a yellow phone is just something I had to do.