Voice control for your Windows Phone 8 Music


My super-secret application is now on Windows Phone Marketplace for Windows 8 devices. I call it Voice Music. It lets me do something I’ve always wanted to do. I can ask my phone to play music for me. I can say things like “VoiceMusic artist Steely Dan” and it will play tracks from the Dan. If I hear a track and fancy hearing the album it came from, I can say “VoiceMusic play this album”. I can ask for albums by name by saying things like “VoiceMusic album Dark Side of the Moon” and request random albums, tracks, styles (genres) and artists. And it works over Bluetooth in the car. And if it can’t find the album artwork it shows you a random picture. And there is a picture of a cow in there. And a pig.

It’s free too. Download your copy from here and let me know how you get on.