IPS Monitors and the Pi Arcade Tables


Yesterday I ordered up an LG IPS224V 22 inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor from Amazon. Today, thanks to another free trial of Amazon Prime that I’ve signed up for (and set a reminder to cancel before I have to pay anything), it arrived. I joked to James (who is also building a PiArcade table and has ordered an IPS monitor) that I was worried that it might be a really good picture, and I’d have the problem that my arcade table monitor was better than my computer one.

Well, I’ve got that problem. This monitor is simply stunning, and has instantly replaced my trusty HP computer monitor of several years standing. The contrast is amazing, the angle of view very impressive (see the picture above) and the extra pixels really serve to make things easier on the eye. Since I spend a lot of my time staring at a screen I figure that this is a good investment and I’d advise anyone thinking about changing their screens to take a good long look at this one.

So now I have two monitors to get rid of, and another order out there on Amazon Prime……