Room Sizes
This was on the wall of the room that we used for the presentation today. Who knew tables and chairs could be so dangerous in large numbers?

Did my two sessions at SIGCSE today. And before them both I did a very shouty 15 minute booth session which was fun. And loud. Sorry if my booming voice was a bit noisy folks, I feel particularly bad about the chap standing in front of me who seemed to rise about six inches into the air when I went into “Town Crier” mode to promote the session...

Kinect Aucience

These are some of the Kinect presentation audience at the start of the session, both audiences were great with some lovely questions. Thanks folks.

I promised that I’d make the slides and the demos available after the session. You can find them all here. Some other useful links that you might find, er, useful. – my C# Yellow book and C# from Java Orange Book. Also some XNA content you might find useful.

Microsoft Faculty Connection – you can find the Kinect content by typing Kinect into the Search Curriculum Resources box and doing a search. You can also find my Windows Phone content here too.

Kinect for Windows – if you want to work with any of the Kinect content you will need to install the Kinect for Windows SDK.

Channel 9 Videos – these are videos of some of my stuff. There is a session on the Kinect (with working demos) and other stuff you might find interesting

Windows Phone in Rhyme – and why not..

After my talk I had a wander around the exhibition.

Booth Talks

This is the Touch Develop team strutting their stuff at a booth talk. They’ve just released a free book about writing Windows Phone programs on Windows Phone. And they have some really exciting plans for the future. I plan to spend the flight back writing some code on my Lumia (in flight mode of course)

Pen Branding

One way to stop folks wandering off with the pens…..


The Gadgeteer crew in action. They have some really nice stuff here including a scary powerful buggy.

Gadget Buggy

Want one.