Goodbye to SIGCSE 2012

Pat Yongpradit does his Kinect booth session at SIGCSE 2012.Very smooth work sir.

I said a farewell to the Microsoft crew at SIGCSE today. When I left they were still working hard manning their stands on the exhibition floor. I only went by to say cheerio but I ended up dishing out tickets for the booth prize draws and talking to folks until I had to rush out and grab my airport shuttle. Great fun these affairs. Nothing quite like talking shop with a bunch of like-minded people. Thanks to the Microsoft crew for inviting me over.

Just as I was leaving there was great excitement at the hotel. Michelle Obama was in the house. She was dropping by to meet with some military families in the area and then take part in a fundraising luncheon. The hotel was full of large blokes with big shoulders and earpieces plus a huge queue of audience members, all looking super smart and obviously looking forward to the event.